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Why You Should Have a December Wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens!

December is an enchanting time for your wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens! Your friends and family are in a mood to celebrate the holidays so having your wedding in December just adds to everyone’s joy! Read on to find out more!

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Hey, John!

Help! Can you help me suggest a fun time of year to get married to my partner, Sarah? There are only a few dates available in spring and summer. Sarah already has her dress and our I Do Crew is ready to go. Any ideas? I would love to marry her sooner rather than next fall. Thanks!

–Ryan in Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Hey, Ryan!

I completely understand and I have a solution: Hold a December wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens! Let me share why…

  1. Ainsworth House & Gardens with its historic mansion and great Events Center offers you reduced rates for a winter wedding. With the savings, you can go on a longer honeymoon or save up for a house. 
  2. We beautifully decorate the Event Center for December and Christmas with seasonally
    appropriate décor. 
    You are welcome to personalize with poinsettias or  pinecones around your ceremony space 
  3. If you celebrate Christmas, you can add lit up Christmas trees around your ceremony space to bring the joy of this special day to add to your personal joy of having found your beloved!
  4. We have more dates available for you in December.
red and white winter bridal bouquet
Christmas greenery and shiny, metal balls

5. There are fewer weddings in December so your guests will cherish the joy of your wedding instead of being fatigued by the 8 weddings they attend in June. Right? Right!

6. In December, many people are in a joyful, holiday mood.

This means your guests may not need to have their spirits lifted to enjoy your wedding—they are already joyful!

7. Since it is winter, plan for an indoor wedding in our Event Center. This relieves the stress of wondering if you HAVE to move your spring wedding indoors at the last minute because of a rain shower.

Since your wedding is indoors from Day 1 planning, there’s no stress.

8. The holidays—Christmas, Hannukah, and others—give you endless inspiration for your signature cocktails, decorations, and photos!


9. Your colors are easy to select because of the season. Blue and white for a Hannukah wedding or red, green, silver, or gold for a Christmas wedding are the favorite color palettes. You save endless hours mulling over color choices, hue variations, and the paint chips of life so it’s a win-win for a December wedding by saving you time and stress. What is mauve again???

10. It’s easy to find inspo for your playlist. Spotify has a bunch of channels with instrumental or jazz versions of classic holiday songs—perfect for your wedding reception!

11. It’s the holidays! Your favors for your guests are no brainers! You can order customized chocolates, personalized holiday sweets, keepsake ornaments, or packages of mulling spices. Easy to do and your guests will love it! Or, if you are having a sustainable wedding, instead of buying your guests favors, donate to a local charity which feeds those who need the support. Let your guests know the good you have done in their names.


Christmas bride
Ainsworth House with snow on the lawn

12. Consider a cover-up. Many of our winter couples create a distinctive look for the wedding and the reception by wearing (or taking off( a coat, a real or faux fur shrug, a cable-knit sweater, a shawl, or a cape/capelet. After the wedding, you have a new piece in your closet you can wear whenever you want!

13. In December, it might Think of the outdoor photo ops! AinsworthHouse is gorgeous in the snow! You;ll treasure your photos from a snowy day in Oregon City, Oregon!

14. Picture this! If you have a photo booth, it is so easy to personalize for your wedding: suits for Santa, garlands (which can become boas), and New Year’s Eve accessories are all possible props. You can decorate your photo booth with fun holiday decorations or just a simple row of metallic fringe. Your choice…and it’s easy!

15. New Year’s Eve puts most people in a party mood. Add your wedding to that party mood and you will have an amazing time!

16. A December wedding gives you the best anniversaries in years to come. Since there are extra days off in December, it’s easier to plan an anniversary get away to sand & surf or snow & slopes. Either way, enjoy your anniversary!



If you would like to book a tour, let me know. My staff and I are happy to help you have the most amazing wedding!

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne



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Wedding reception at Ainsworth House & Gardens