The Purr-fect Proposal Photobomb

Very famous people have photobombed others. Queen Elizabeth II of England photobombed two of her fellow citizens years ago. Why not a cat photobomber? Why not two cats photobombing two different couples during a marriage proposal? Read on to find out more!

gray kitten looks to the right

Hey, Christie!

Has a cat ever photobombed a marriage proposal?Has it happened more than once?

Did the cat know the couple involved in the proposal?

–Wendy, just wondering in Wilsonville


Hey, Wendy!

Those are fun questions!

After a bit of research, our intrepid staff of sleuths found two—both in the Los Angeles area.  I wonder if there is something in the water there…

In one case, the bride-to-be is the cat mom while in the other, the cat was unknown to the couple.

Loki the cat photobombs a marriage proposal Fox News

#1: Loki, the Photobombing Cat

In Norse (or Viking) mythology, Loki was the god of mischief, constantly pranking others by shapeshifting into other life forms. Therefore, it is appropriate that the protagonist here is a cat named Loki who shapeshifted himself into the video of Loki’s cat dad proposing to his cat mom.

Recruited—on purpose—into the marriage proposal plan was the bride-to-be’s sister, Annie Polley, who quietly settled herself into a hidden nook that sunny Los Angeles day and waited to video the happy event.

Not recruited was the cat, Loki. He mischievously volunteered to supervise all videotaping. When you think about it, it is the expected behavior for the god of mischief too.

Ms. Polley described what happened next to a news reporter:

“Just as her partner dropped to one knee and began to utter those heartfelt words, their mischievous cat, Loki, decided it was the purr-fect time to make a cameo. He popped his face up right in front of the camera, seemingly asking, “What’s going on here?”” said Polley. 

In slow motion, Loki rises from the bottom of the frame into the center of action, all the while staring deeply into the camera…or was it, our souls? 

gray cat looks to the left

Even though Ms. Polley changed her angle trying to get a better view of her sister during the proposal, Loki shifted his position to remain center stage. It was purr-fect timing and purr-fect positioning by the cat!

In case you wondered, Annie’s sister said, “Yes!”

There are several YouTube videos of this which are hilarious! Due to copyright, we can’t post them.

orange cat

#2: Ginger Cat Photobombs a Marriage Proposal

When Trevor Williams, a West Hollywood (California) firefighter and model, decided to propose to the love of his life, Yasmine, he planned the photo perfect event at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach (CA). As he knelt on one knee and spoke his heartfelt words, an orange cat nonchalantly walked into the scene.


The ginger cat slowly circled Trevor, brushed past her, and exited stage left. Kudos to Trevor for not being distracted by this third wheel with four paws.

In case you are wondering, she said, “Yes!” We’re not sure about the cat…

Click here to see the video:

If you have additional questions, please reach out to me.


Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


First image courtesy of Fox 5 Washington, D.C.

Ginger cat video posted by KTLA 5 (Los Angeles) on YouTube. We do not have copyright on any of these images.

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