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Marseille Bleu is 2024’s Wedding Color of the Year!

This is a gorgeous color which could be your primary or an accent color for 2024 wedding! Read on to find out more!

ocean at Marseille, France

Hey, Christie!

I know that the Colors of the Year are often announced in December. Do you have any idea what the wedding color of the year will be for 2024?


Hillary in Hillsboro, Oregon

Hey, Hillary!

The 2024 Wedding Color of the Year is Marseille Bleu! It’s named for the beautiful city you see in these photos.

What hue is Marseille Bleu?

(And why the funky spelling???)

Marseille, France
Marseille, France

According to the color experts at and BRIDES, Marseille Bleu is a shade of blue that is bold and versatile, the perfect balance between neutral and bright. It fits the color palette for every kind of wedding from a boho chic woodland wedding to a black-tie gala. You can adapt the color to any wedding venue and theme because it marries the feminine and the masculine qualities in a gorgeous medium blue. Named for the seaside French city of Marseille and spelled as the French spell “blue,” this bleu/blue has a sophistication which allows it to stand out in a sea of different shades of blue.

We know that blues are often included in a wedding palette. That’s because depending on the hue, a blue can be a shapeshifter which creates a look that is romantic or formal, modern or boho. Blues can be used in wedding invitations, wedding fashion, or wedding floral centerpieces, depending on the shade of blue. For 2024, Marseille Bleu is the hue brides are predicted to choose!

How did Minted, a San Francisco-based online marketing and lifestyle brand, collaborate with BRIDES to select this hue as the 2024 most popular wedding color of the year?

Marseille Mother Mary art
Marseille church

As with most things these days, the selection of this color was the result of a data-driven design competition and voting process supervised by Minted to forecast future trends.

If you are interested in this color, you might check out product lines at which feature color.

The color is expected to be a very sought-after shade because it works beautifully on wedding stationery, linens, tablescapes, and floral designs.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to me. I’m happy to help you!

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


Images courtesy of, and BRIDES.

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