Do I Need a Wedding Content Creator?

Hiring a wedding content creator for your wedding to take candid static photos and vertical videos is a wedding trend which is gaining momentum this year. Find out what a wedding content creator can do for you!

Wedding on the Front Lawn at Ainsworth House & Gardens!

Hey, Christie!

I just attended Elissa and Tyler’s wedding and they had this wedding content creator running around taking Reels and static photos which were showing up immediately on social media. Help! Do I need someone like this at my wedding?

–Katie the Confused in Cannon Beach, Oregon

Hey, Katie!

That’s a great question!

As someone who edited countless documents and can move commas with the greatest of ease, let’s start with the verb in you question: “Do I need….” Let’s define “need.” You and I need air to breathe or we die. On that same level, do you need a wedding content creator? No. You can live without one.

A couple marries in The Grove.
blown glass sculpture at Ainsworth House & Gardens

OK, let’s change the question: Do you want someone like this at your wedding?

Answer: Maybe.

Let’s explore what this person might do for you and your partner.

What is a wedding content creator? Are there other job titles for this person?

A person providing you the services of creating raw, candid Instagram Story posts, live tweets, vertical iPhone videos, Reels, TikTok videos, static imagery, or content for other channels works under the job titles of

  • Wedding Social Producer

  • Wedding Social Media Content Creator or

  • Wedding Day Concierge.

Do All Wedding Content Creators provide the same services?

No. You need to be clear on which services you want and then find the right vendor.

What kinds of services do Wedding Content Creators provide?

Again, that depends on what you want. Certain vendors:

  • Send real time videos and still/static photos to your loved ones who can’t attend your wedding due to distance or health issues.

  • Take behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

  • Take before the guests arrive photos and videos of your décor, setting, etc.

  • Photos and videos which are posted to your social media channels.

A man and woman stand in loving embrace.

I never heard of a wedding content creator 10 years ago. How was this job created?

In 1986, Fujifilm started selling disposable cameras.

Soon after, disposable cameras appeared on reception tables all over the world so that guests could document the wedding from different perspectives.

The newlyweds developed the photos and enjoyed (or maybe not) what their guest captured.

In the mid-2000s with the increase in the number of social media platforms, an accepted practice debuted: Event planners hired content creators to document the people and the fun at fundraisers and other events.

Eventually, “other events” included weddings.


When wedding content creators began to trend, it was often a guest who was asked to chronicle the wedding on social media for the engaged couple. As time has marched on, the trend is now to hire a professional to do the work.

Even within the ranks of professional wedding content creators, what they produce has changed to meet the platforms on which they post. Prior to 2021, most video content was horizontal in format but that all changed. In 2021, Instagram Reels demanded a vertical format for videos. For this reason, many content creators produce vertical videos which are easy to share on social media.  

Who hires a wedding content creator?

It could be the engaged couple or another vendor (e.g., a photographer or videographer) who includes the costs of a wedding content creator in their bid to the engaged couple.

bridesmaid in pink dress
Harry Potter wedding at Ainsworth bride at arch

What is the difference between what a photographer or videographer provides and what a wedding content provider provides?

A photographer or a videographer is educated to craft images which they’ve spent hours getting perfect. In many cases, you have to wait from four to 12 weeks to receive their work for your review. On the other hand, a wedding content creator seeks to capture those intimate, spontaneous, behind-the-scenes, or candid moments during your wedding day and to share them in real time.

Why do couples hire a wedding content creator?

Speed. Quicker access to static photos and videos. 

Meryl Streep captured this sentiment best in the movie, Postcards from the Edge, “Instant gratification is not soon enough.” A wedding content creator can produce images which capture the wedding day in all its glory, humor, and special moments. While the images are raw and candid, they give a presentation of the wedding weeks before the photographer or videographer present their work.

Wedding under a 200 year old Ponderosa Pine at Ainsworth House

If you have additional questions, please reach out to me.

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


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