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18 Amazing Wedding Trends for 2024!

Keeping up on the latest wedding trends is almost a full-time job! Let Ainsworth House & Gardens’ John Shyne and the experienced staff help you decide which trends will help you have the wedding of your dreams!

person with a question mark

Hey, John!

I have been helping my partner, Sarah, plan our wedding. We are so excited about our upcoming wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens!

I’ve read that this trend is in and that trend is out.  I am so confused!

Could you tell me what is trending for 2024 weddings?


–Cameron the Confused on Canby, Oregon

Hey, Cameron!

I am happy to help! Here’s a quick list:

1. “The Non-Wedding Wedding” is how you can ditch any antiquated traditions you don’t want to have such as the bouquet toss or 25 wedding toasts from long-winded people. Is this a thing? Yes! On Pinterest, searches for “nontraditional wedding dresses” rose 110% and “nontraditional wedding vows” searches are up 205%. The most interesting search? Searches for “anti-bride” increased by 450%!

2. Private wedding ceremony: Couples are opting to have the wedding ceremony as a private event. Then friends and family are invited to the reception/party which could be on the same day or…see Point #3.

3. Wedding ceremony on one day and reception/party on the next! 

Newlyweds in the grove at the Ainsworth House
Oregon City Wedding reception at Ainsworth House & Gardens

Couples are opting to have a sacred or religious wedding ceremony on one day (Thursday or Friday) and then gather with loved ones for a reception and dance party on the next day. There are several advantages: You get to change into a different outfit and you can start your party earlier! At Ainsworth House & Gardens, you’ll be the only couple getting married at that time so you have our lovely site all to yourselves!

4. Sustainability: This can be as simple as giving a donation to your favorite charity in honor of your guests instead of buying favors they might leave on the tables.

Did you find a soup kitchen to which you could donate your flowers or leftover food to after your big day?

Those are sustainable choices. See our other blog posts on sustainability.

Ainsworth House & Gardens event reception in Oregon City
coat of arms

5. Design your own wedding crest or coat of arms.

One couple we know reflected their two heritages with a jalapeno chili pepper in the middle of the male biological sign linked to the female biological sign with an Irish four leaf clover.

If you guessed they are Latinx and Irish, you would be right!

You can hire a designer through Jane Ink (a local graphic designer),, or other websites. Your crest can then be printed on your invitations and elsewhere.

beige rotary phone

6. Digital guest book: Replace that paper guest book with a digital one into which your guests can call from anywhere in the world and leave a heart-felt message.

Learn more about this fabuous trend n our blog post: 

7. Documentary, fly-on-the-wall photography: Instead of a ton of posed photos, couples are opting for candid, static photos and vertical videos to share on social media. Hiring a wedding content creator is on trend. See our previous blog post on this:

photographer at a wedding
bride and her bridesmaids in shades of pink

8. Style trend 1: Welcome back the Dutch Masters! The Dutch Masters painted exquisite, large florals. We see large floral patterns in wedding dresses and larger, architectural floral arrangements.

9. Style trend 2: Tonal Color Palettes. Instead of selecting two colors (e.g., yellow and blue), couples this year are selecting several shades of one color (e.g., blue) for their weddings.

10. Smaller (or no) bridal parties: It’s one way to avoid offending a friend who thought they earned the right to be in your wedding party or verbal wrestling matches on how SHOULD be the Maid of Honor.

11. Ask your guests to wear a specific color palette such as sunset colors or black and white. This gives a harmony to your group photos.

wedding bride and maid of honor
Scottish tartan table runner

12. Hire a wedding stylist: Look your best on your big day!

13. Colors and patterns are in! Yes, you can use your family’s tartan as an accent or a table runner!

14. Brooches for the Men: A brooch is a decorative pin and they are trending for men. Could your gift to your groomsmen be a brooch? Yes! We will broach the subject!

15. Pho-cus on family-style food. Use family recipes to share your culture. One groom presented his guests with a Vietnamese menu which included pho dishes.

One couple turned to cherished family recipes to create a food landscape that reflected their two culturs.

16. Champagne Towers: This allows guests to drink champagne…or not. Yes, kiddies, according to some, the glam is back!


Wedding & Party Reception Room at Ainsworth House & Gardens in Oregon City
Wedding dessert bar

17. Marie Callendar was right: Eat dessert first! The trend to funkier desserts continues in 2024. Consider a themed dessert station such as fruit with tajin. Instead of espresso martinis, offer affogatos (a coffee and ice cream beverage.) If you want a wedding cake, skip the table service and let guests take a slice if they want to. Put slices into customized to-go boxes for guests to grab as they leave.

18. Fireworks out/drone shows in. Drone shows are more environmentally-friendly than fireworks.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to me.

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne

Oregon City Wedding under a 200 year old Ponderosa Pine at Ainsworth House

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