2024 Wedding Trends: Personalized & Intimate Celebrations

Looking ahead to 2024, more couples at Ainsworth House & Gardens are planning innovations! Read on to discover the trends!

Wedding on the Front Lawn at Ainsworth House & Gardens!

Hey, John!

Alexis and I are planning our 2024 wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens.

Are there any  wedding trends we should know?


–Trent in Tigard, Oregon

Hey, Trent!

That’s a great question! In working with our couples, we have noticed several trends. In this post, I will cover three 2024 trends:

  1. Personalized and customized weddings
  2. Couples plan to exchange their vows privately.
  3. The trend towards the Mini.

OK, let’s go!

A couple is surrounded by their friends on Ainsworth's front lawn.

1. Personalized and customized weddings:

While there is nothing wrong with a couple repeating the vows that are part of their selected wedding ceremony, our engaged couples often write their own vows so that part of the ceremony is personalized to them.

The couple may write their own vows which are special to the couple. The vows may include faith-based language too,

Our 2024 couples have picked up on a 2023 trend and are not accelerating that trend: They are writing most or all of their wedding ceremony script. They may select quotations from other religions or cultures on what it takes to have a happy marriage or they may recount events deep with meaning (or laughter!) for the couple.

2. Couples plan to exchange their vows privately.

For many of us introverts, standing in front of a crowd of 125 of our nearest and dearest while trying to recite the vows we wrote on the back of an envelope is not a good look. For this reason, a number of our couples are opting to exchange their vows in private.

The other reason is that many of our couples seek a heartfelt, more confidential vow exchange.

WEdding in The Grove

How do they do this?

There are several options:

  1. Before the ceremony: The couple and their officiant meet in The Grove, our intimate wedding venue, to exchange their vows. Then, they enter the wedding ceremony space and conduct the ceremony. The couple then has the option of repeating the traditional vows during the wedding ceremony to which their guests are the witnesses.
  2. During the ceremony:
    1. The officiant can announce that the couple will leave for a few minutes, say their vows privately, and then return to continue the service.
    2. The officiant can announce that the bride and groom will stay in the ceremony space and repeat their vows to each other with the mic off.
    3. Then, the couple can repeat the traditional “till death do us part” vows with the mic on and the service moves forward.


3. The trend towards the Mini.

Many of our brides are changing out of their beautiful wedding dresses and into cute, flirty, mini dresses for the reception.

The other way we are seeing this trend in 2024 is shifting to more personalized portions of food. For instance, several couples are serving their guests individual pies in various flavors instead of a slice of a huge wedding ca

A third way we see this trend is that the size of everything is smaller.

In the past at certain weddings, the bridal party carried bouquets large enough to block someone’s face in a photo.

Now, our wedding planners have alerted us that smaller bouquets are a rising trend.

If you have any questions, let me know. My staff and I are happy to help you have an amazing wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens, Oregon’s premier sustainable wedding venue!

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne

A couple marries in The Grove.

Images courtesy of Ainsworth House & Gardens.




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