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2024 Wedding Trend: Suits for the Bride!

On trend for 2024 weddings are suits for the women–the bride, bridesmaids/attendants, mothers of the brides, and mothers of the grooms. Learn more about these styling trends by reading this post!

bride's white wedding suit

Hey, Christie!

Alex and I are getting married in 2024 at Ainsworth House & Gardens. We are so excited!!!

Question: I am an environmental health and safety professor at the local university. The majority of professors in this field are male so I lecture in suits and attend meetings in pants. In short, I feel more comfortable in a suit than in a dress.

Help! Bridal boutiques have dresses and very few alternatives.

Are there wedding suits for women?

Anything you could suggest?


–Samantha in Salem

Hey, Samantha!

That’s a great question!

The even better news is that the answer is “Yes! There is fashion-forward bridal suiting for women that is trending for 2024.”

There are several reasons for the trend. A few years ago, it became a trend for grooms to buy a nice suit they could wear at their wedding and then wear it later for work functions, interviews, and other such occasions.

There are several reasons that brides began to seek sustainable, wear again options as well–a suit they could wear to job interviews or special occasions.

bride in a white wedding suit with groom in front of a classic luxury car
Wedding in the Grove at Ainsworth House & Gardens

There is another reason. Over the last few decades, society has changed. We see more gender-neutral weddings which offer a more inclusive celebration for all.

Some of these weddings are LGTBQ+ weddings at which the gender norm terms aren’t applied.

To be more inclusive, our vocabulary has changes.


(What is a gender-neutral wedding? It is one at which a more inclusive vocabulary is utilized. Instead of “bridal”—a very feminine term—“wedding” is the term used. The terms “bridesmaids” and “groomsmen” are replaced by the word “attendants.”)

A gender-neutral wedding can make the wedding more comfortable for your guests when gender norms are not part of your vocabulary. When gender is not the focus of the day, then the focus is on creating a fabulous experience for each individual participating or attending the wedding.


And there’s a third reason: Since it’s a bit more difficult to wear your wedding gown to the office, brides began to seek options which were more sustainable—like a wedding suit which could later be worn at the office and on special occasions with a solid color or printed blouse.  

Which leads us to the wedding suit for women!

The trend of wedding suiting for women extended from the LGTBQ+ community into other realms as fashion designers  enthusiastically started experimenting with stylish women’s wedding suits.  While certain fashion designers prefer to design wedding suits in wool or linen, other designers are experimenting in bridal suits constructed from lace or silk. 

bride in white wedding suit with her groom
bride in a suit and veil with her groom

For a bride, this is a game-changer which offers the freedom of mix and match very tailored separate pieces so that she can express her unique taste and personality.  By redefining bridal fashion with a suit, these sophisticated and modern looks will allow each bride to curate her own one-of-a kind ensemble which speaks of her individuality. As this trend catches on, we may see more attendants and mothers of the bride as well as mother of the groom wearing gorgeous suits to a wedding! It’s a beautiful option for those searching for attire they can wear again and for gender-neutral attire which creates inclusiveness at a wedding!

If you have additional questions, please reach out to me! I’m happy to help!


Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne





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