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2023 Fall Wedding Trends for Grooms & Groomsmen

Getting marred this fall or winter? You might want to know about the trending styles and colors for grooms. Our wedding experts have analyzed the data and refined the news down to a few salient points. Read on to find out more!


Hey, John!

HELP! I have postponed selecting my tux or suit for my upcoming wedding as much as I can. I need to face into it and get ‘er done! Could you give me a quick run down of the style trends for Fall 2023?


–Pete in Portland, Oregon

Hey, Pete!

I’m happy to help!

While most of your family and friends are huddled around your beloved as she selects her dress so that she sparkles and shines on your big day, the suit or tuxedo you select has a significant role by helping you complement her dress and creating a harmonious color balance between the flowers, decorations, and more.  

What the United Nations is to peacebuilding between nations is what you are to the color balance of this wedding.

Go be Henry Kissinger! 😊

First, a bit of history on the groom’s attire. In the past, a classic black tux or a white tuxedo (or for the very brave, a gray tux) was pretty much the norm.


groom in white tuxedo
grrom in suit

Yes, there were fashion forward male celebrities who were married in suits with brighter colors, different fabrics, and of course, different cuts to their attire. Learning from these celebrities to take a chance, more grooms are highlighting their unique personalities and sense of style through their choice of a particular suit. This is why blue suits became popular at weddings!

As we approach fall and winter 2023, we are seeing even more bold, eye-catching colors which are mixed and matched. Trending colors include:

  • Wine (multiple shades of wine)
  • Soft Rose
  • Dark Purple
  • Plum
  • Sky Blue
  • Cherry
  • Chestnut (a brownish-red color)
  • Light Earth tones: deep brown, gray-brown, light caramel, sand, beige, and creamy white are great for luxurious or outdoor or rustic/boho weddings.

Examples of mix and match colors:

  • A navy suit with a burgundy tie
  • A Burgundy suit or tux plus a Cherry tie and pocket square
  • A Chestnut suit or tux combined with Light Earth tones such as a caramel or honey tie and pocket square
  • A Plum suit paired with a soft rose shirt or tie which mixes the two colors.
  • A brown suit matched with a gray-blue pocket square and tie.
  • White tuxedo jacket combined with black trousers and a beige bow tie.

We are seeing suits sewn from linen, taffeta, or velvet this year.

If you buy suit rather than renting a tux, think about how you would use the suit later: for a job interview? a big meeting at work? formal dinners? In that case, you might want to focus on a suit that would fit into those scenarios rather that the ruby velvet suit on the hanger over there. 

groom in blue suit and burgundy tie
men's checked shirt

Trending patterns:

  • Delicate patterns in the fabrics of the groom’s suit is on trend for the fall and winter. One caveat: Too much of a good thing is…too much. Therefore, if have a microprint on your jacket, then make sure that your pants and vest are monochrome.
  • Checks or box patterns: Since these look contemporary while fitting into a relaxed wedding theme, you can opt for bigger checks.

It’s All in the Details:

  • Contrasting Buttons: Refresh the look of a classic black tux with a white shirt that has contrasting buttons in black, blue, burgundy, or dark red.
  • Pocket squares: Often overlooked, a pocket square can take your suit to the next level and help you stand out from the crowd. There are a range of colors, fabrics, and patterns which can add sophisticated elegance to your attire.
  • Shoes, belts (with unique belt buckles), and cufflinks (with delicate patterns or unusual shapes) can show your sense of personal style.

To summarize:

While our dads wore a black or grays tux and didn’t let their personal style shine through, those days are gone. Your wedding is your opportunity to show your unique style, your personality, and how you are a vital part of your wedding concept. Stay true to who you are—your clothes should reflect that. 

belt and buckle
bride and groom dancing

You should look and feel your best! Go get ‘em, Tiger! I am rooting for you!

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne

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