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Super Cool Wedding Trend: The Flower Grandpa and Flower Grandma!

To honor the special roles their grandparents have played in their lives, more brides and grooms are asking a beloved grandparent to be their esteemed Flower Grandpa or Flower Grandma at their weddings. Find out more about this sweet wedding trend!

Flower Grandpa at Wedding

Hey, Christie!

Michael and I are getting married at Ainsworth House & Gardens next May. We can’t wait for our special day!

I have a question: I’d love to give my beloved grandfather a special role in my wedding. Any ideas!


–Sheri in Sherwood, Oregon

Hey, Sheri!

That’s a great question! At Ainsworth House & Gardens, we love seeing more engaged couples  offer a role of honor to their beloved grandparents irduring their wedding.

One of our favorites is the Flower Grandma or the Flower Grandpa! Stanley is 85 and the Flower Grandpa for his grandaughter, Jen Briskin, at her Atlanta wedding.

Your cherished grandparent carries a basket of flower petals or puts the petals on top of a Bible which he/she carries. Then, he/she flings gently in the general direction of your guests as your grandparent walks down the aisle toward the altar or ceremony space.

Then, they are escorted to a chair of honor in the front row to watch you marry your beloved.

This is becoming a trend.

Bert Edlin was Flower Grandpa at the wedding of his granddaughter, Rachel Powell. He’s in the video above this content.

His accomplishment of walking down the aisle at 95 years young is all the more auspicious when you find out that he survived a horrible fall 16 months before Rachel’s wedding—it was so serious that doctors did not believe Bert would ever eat, talk, or walk on his own.

That wasn’t going to stop Bert: When he couldn’t talk, he gave his granddaughter a handwritten note promising, “I will make it to your wedding.”

With the goal of being Flower Grandpa, he persevered through physical therapy and rehabilitation. On the wedding day, Bert walked down the aisle on the arm of a bridesmaid, carefully spreading flower petals as he walked. To read more, click here.

While he might think tick tock is the sound a clock makes, he knows now that he has gone viral on TikTok.

Flower Grandmas are trending too.

See the YouTube video to see how much fun this woman, Georgiana Arlt, had being the Flower Grandma! 

At a Pennsylvania wedding on June 11, the grandmothers of the bride and the groom walked down the aisle together spreading joy and flower petals as they walked! The two grandmothers wore identical dresses as they walked together.

You can go one better: Have both grandmas be your flower girls! See this video!

Please reach out to us! We’d be happy to help you include your grandparents on your special day!

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne



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