6 Secrets for an Amazing Harry Potter Wedding!

We’ll share the six secrets to the perfect Harry Potter wedding with you! No magic wands needed to make your day magical!

Hey, John!

Lauren and I are huge Potterheads. How can we incorporate our love for all things Harry Potter into our wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens?


Kyle in Keizer, Oregon


Hey, Kyle!

At Ainsworth House & Gardens, we recently hosted an amazing Harry Potter-themed wedding! Let me share the six secrets I learned from that wedding:

  1. Colors are the key: Each of the four houses at Hogwarts has its own colors and defines what those colors represent. For example:
Harry Potter wedding at Ainsworth bride at arch

a. Red and gold are the colors of Gryffindor. The house represents fire.

b. Green and silver are the colors of Slytherin because the house represents water.

c. Blue and bronze are the colors of Ravenclaw because they are the colors of the air. The house represents eagle feathers and sky.

d. Yellow and black are the colors of Hufflepuff. The house is represented by wheat and soil.

Select the colors of the house or houses to which you and your partner relate. Then incorporate those colors into you tie, your attire, your cake, your flowers, and your décor.

Harry Potter bride in the Ainsworth arch

2. Use Harry Potter quotes about love on your wedding invitations, save the date cards, your welcome sign, and photo booth.

The Harry Potter series has beautiful quotes about love. Here are just a few:

  • “Always.”—Snape
  • “Love is the strongest power there is.”—Dumbledore
  • To remember a loved one who passed on: “The ones who love us, never truly leave us.”—Sirius

3. Can’t Top This…We Mean Your Cake!

Put a Golden Snitch or a Patronus (outline of an adult male stag deer) on top of your cake.

There are many other Harry Potter-themed cake toppers in addition to these. Let your cake designer help you select an amazing cake topper!

4. Signature Cocktails? Nooo. Signature Potions? Yes! Work with caterer or mixologist to concoct alcoholic and non-alcoholic signature potions. Extra points is these are served in chemistry flasks with stoppers!

5. Props to You…and to Them! If you have a photo booth or a photo area, add Harry Potter-themed props. Select from colonial era brooms, hats, house ties, cloaks, wands, and more! Decorate the back wall of your photo area with family portraits.

The photos are from a Harry Potter-themed wedding held this fall at Ainsworth House & Gardens, The bride appears in two photos above and this one features the officiant–who was in character as well!

Everyone enjoyed the wedding!

(Photos are courtesy of the bride and groom.)

bride, groom, and officiant at Harry Potter wedding

6. Exit sparkling! Long sparklers look like wands. Why not have your guests form an exit arch, light their sparklers, and let you walk through as you leave for your honeymoon?

How cool is that!



If you have further questions, reach out to me. I’m happy to help you!


Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne


Images courtesy of Ainsworth House & Gardens and the bride and groom.

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