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7 Super Cool Tips for Your Superheroes Wedding

If you and your partner love superheroes and want to give your guests a theme to “marvel” at, check out these seven super cool tips for the best superheroes-themed wedding EVER!

Hey, John!

Sarah and I bonded over our love for all things Marvel and Disney. Can we incorporate superheroes into our wedding?


Alex in Albany, Oregon

Hey, Alex!

There are so many ideas so I’ll edit myself down to seven.

  1. Start with your Save the Date cards, invitations, and thank you cards. Most paper vendors have a range of superheroes from which you can select.

2. Write vows which have a superhero theme. These might include:

Will you protect your beloved from the Dark Side?

Will you guard against your beloved being frozen in carbonite anywhere in the known galaxies?

Will you protect your beloved from Super Villains and evil doers?

Will you love your beloved more than Michelangelo loves his pizza?

Will you love your beloved more than Mary Jane Watson loved Peter Parker?

Will you love your beloved until you go extinct?

Will you be the lookout Goose to keep your partner safe, protected, and sheltered?

Will you be there for your beloved in this universe and in every multiverse thereafter?

3. Make your boutonnieres and bridal bouquets by folding pages of colorful comic books. There are vendors on Etsy who will design your floral replacements for you so you don’t have to get bent out of shape folding those pages. 😊

4. During your ceremony, have a unity snack mix. Each snack has its own fabulous flavor; when you mix them together in a large bowl, then the snack is so much more distinctly delicious. It symbolizes the bride and groom’s    After you two sample your snack, your family and friends can enjoy your creation as well. (This is a variation on the Unity Candle idea.)

Lego Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman
Justice League

5. Select music from superhero movies or from video games. One couple in Napa Valley used the theme from Return to Camelot for their processional to the ceremony space. Create a superheroes playlist for your reception.

6. Select a cake topper which continues your superheroes theme.

7. Offer pizza as an option at your reception.

If you have questions, let me know. My staff and I are happy to help you have the most amazing wedding!

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne



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