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The Joys of a Micro Wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens!

Over the past several years, the trend is for smaller, more intimate weddings. A micro wedding is the term for a wedding involving a maximum of 50 people. At Ainsworth, we have indoor and outdoor venues to celebrate your beautiful micro-wedding!

Wedding in Oregon City

Hey, Christie!

Brandon and I are getting married this winter at Ainsworth House & Gardens! We are so happy!!! We are on the fence about having a minimony or a micro wedding. Could you define the two? Which venues do you suggest?


Tracy in Troutdale, Oregon

Hey, Tracy!

Thank you for a great set of questions!

A minimony is a wedding for a max of 10 people including the bride and groom.

A micro wedding is a ceremony for up to 50 people.

Ever since the pandemic, these two smaller weddings have been very popular!

Oregon City Wedding on the Front Lawn at Ainsworth House & Gardens!
Wedding in the Grove at Ainsworth House & Gardens

As to wedding sites at Ainsworth, you have multiple options.


The Grove, a sun dappled glade of slender black locust trees, is a great location for a minimony at which the guests are seated or a micro wedding at which the guests stand. There is a gorgeous wrought iron gazebo which you can decorate with twinkling lights or beautiful, fragrant flowers.

The Front Lawn in front of the historic Ainsworth mansion built in 1851 is a lovely location for a micro wedding for a maximum of 75 seated guests.

The photo above shows a bride and groom on the Front Lawn of the mansion surrounded by a sparkler.

Your photographer can take photos of you all from the gorgeous balcony. This photo shows well your joy can be captured! 


Newlyweds and friends after their wedding in Oregon City
An Oregon City wedding in The Fireside Room


The Fireside Room in our gorgeous Event Center can host a minimony or a micro wedding with ease!

A Fireside Room micro wedding has the exquisitie charm of a beautiful chapel. 

In winter, the blazing fireplace gives your wedding a warm, welcoming glow. In spring, summer, and fall, the sunslight streams through the vast patio windwos, setting your wedding aglow with golden light!

In any season, you can have a beautiful micro wedding in the Fireside Room!

What we are finding is that our brides and grooms appreciate about a micro wedding is having fewer people to please, less work, and fewer opinions to juggle diplomatically.

My suggestion is that you tour Ainsworth House & Gardens, select your venue here, and then create a guest list to fit that space. We have caterers who know our venue and can suggest fabulous food that fits your budget. We know musicians who perform on our grand piano in the Event Center as well as bands and DJs. We can help you find the musical geniuses who can perform your kind of music.

Would you like to meet a mixologist who could create your own special cocktail? We can do that too!

Give me a call and let’s start planning your celebration!

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


Images courtesy of Ainsworth House & Gardens.

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Oregon City Events Center
Ainsworth House & Gardens Wedding Venue in Oregon City
Oregon City Event Center at Ainsworth House & Gardens