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2024 Wedding Trends: Mother of the Bride Floral Dresses!

In fashion, it seems that ideas from the past are often updated and reintroduced. One of the wedding trends for 2024 is floral print dresses for the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and the attendants or bridesmaids. Read on to learn more about this trend that is blooming!

Kathy, Barbara, and Gloria at wedding on 5-21-78

Hey, Christie!

Recently, I was flipping through Mom’s wedding photo album when I found photos of my grandmother, Barbara, in a gorgeous floral mother of the bride dress in Mom’s wedding colors of yellow and green.

Mom found the dress when she worked at Neiman-Marcus in Newport Beach.

Even more fun? One of Grandma’s childhood friends, Ginny, sold Grandma Babs the dress.

Grandma Babs was so pretty and classy!

I would love for my mom to wear a floral print dress to my wedding! Is there any chance this trend will come back for 2024?


–Katie in Bremerton, Washington

Hey, Katie!

You picked the right year! Floral prints for the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and your attendants are on trend for 2024.

First, let’s look at wedding fashion history.

Wedding fashion designers relish the opportunity to rediscover a previous fashion trend and then upscale it for the next season. Floral prints for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom have been around for many years—as the photo from 1978 proves. For 2024, florals—or the Enchanted Garden trend—will be prominent.

We are already seeing diverse ways that florals appear on attire—they might be painted onto the dress, embroidered onto the fabric, or the floral design can be woven into the fabric itself. As time unfolds, we expect to see more bridesmaids or attendants bedecked in blooms too.

floral dress from Hobbs
Mother of the bride and wedding bride

Have florals trended for bridesmaids in previous years? Yes! On the TV show, “Friends” when Monica and Chandler married in 2001, the bridesmaids, Rachel and Phoebe, wore floral patterned dresses. This set off a huge trend of floral pattern bridesmaids dresses which lasted for a few years. Guess what? They are coming back!


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Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


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