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16 Sweet Summer Wedding Flowers We Love!

Planning a summer wedding? You might want to consider any of these 16 gorgeous flowers which are in season and in full bloom throughout the summer! Read on to find out more!

Lucky you!

If you are getting married in the summer, there are 16 in season summer wedding flowers plus a bouquet of flowers that are available year round (such as roses).

First, consider you color palette and your theme. These will help you narrow the list of flowers to consider. Your florist can help you select the best flowers for your wedding.

Oregon City Wedding under a 200 year old Ponderosa Pine at Ainsworth House
Bride holding bouquet of wedding flowers

Have fun mixing the vibrant colors of summer flowers! If you wish, add in the delicate colors of certain flowers.

One gentle warning: If you schedule an afternoon summer wedding, select study flowers such as sunflowers which won’t wilt. Certain flowers—like hydrangea—may wilt in summer’s heat.

If you are getting married indoors, before noon, or after sunset, then this is non-issue.

In season summer flowers are usually less expensive than out of season flowers so you get more flowers per dollar by selecting in season flowers. In season flowers might be locally grown, which supports local farmers and reduces transportation costs (a.k.a., your wedding’s carbon footprint).

Here are 16 Sweet Summer Flowers for Your Wedding!


Popular in California and blooming profusely from spring through fall, this flower comes in vibrant shades of purple, red, hot fuchsia, pink, orange, yellow, and white.

Since it is a vine, it is perfect for arches and gazebos.


Bougainvillea flowers for weddings


Bright blue in color and with the vibe of wildflowers, cornflowers add a pop of color to every bouquet.


Looking like daisies, the cosmo blooms in shades of dark burgundy to hot pink. (Plural: Cosmos.)


With a peak season from May to June (although they can often be found in season as late as October), the densely petaled, brightly hued dahlia is a show stopper like the peony.


This perfect, white flower is incredibly fragrant. You might wish to use only a few of them…


Due to the size of each bloom, hydrangeas are beautiful adorning an arch or other structure. Heads up: Hydrangeas are more akin to delicate petunias than you might imagine—they wilt in direct sun. Check with your florist.


Is purple, the color of royalty and spirituality, one of your colors? If so, look to the iris to bring that beautiful color into your wedding…and it looks like an orchid, which is often a more expensive flower!

purple iris flower for wedding
peony flowers for wedding


Check with your florist: Peonies are in season from May to late June. You might need to move your wedding date into this time period if you really want peonies. Why? Peonies have an incredibly large, lush petal structure which makes them perfect for your bouquets. Alternative flower: Peony Tulips. Although smaller than peonies, these tulips have multiple rows of petals.



Although considered a spring wedding flower, there are varieties of poppies which are in season through May. With bright colors, they add a pizzazz to any arrangement!


Proteas may be the most ancient flower on our list of summer wedding flowers: For over 25,000,000 years, proteas grew in the same habitats as dinosaurs. Can you imagine a dinosaur stopping to sniff a beautiful protea? It could have happened! Today, proteas are super trendy, eye-catching flowers in wedding bouquets. Since it survived the dinosaurs, it is a very hardy plant which makes it a great choice for any hot, summer wedding.

(See the image to the right of this.)

Queen Anne’s Lace

Seeking an alternative to baby’s breath? Here you go!

protea flowers for weddings
Snap dragon flowers for weddings


Blooming from spring until fall’s first frost, the snapdragon may wilt during summer’s intense heat. For weddings in the cool of the day or indoors, the flower is a fun, snappy addition to every bouquet!

(See photo to the left.)


Blooming during spring and summer, the long stems of the stock are a perfect filler for floral arrangements. Available in white, cream, peach, pink, fuchsia, lavender, purple, and blue, stocks can blend in with almost any color palette!


Seeking a flower that can stand up to summer’s heat? Look no further than the sunflower! As an iconic summer wedding flower, sunflowers are perfect for whimsical or rustic weddings. (See photo above the title.)


Blooming from summer and into fall, the tweedia is frisky, blue summer flower. With its small size, it is a great option for boutonnieres!


Looking for a dark red, orange, or yellow flower for your color palette? Consider the zinnia!

(See the photo to the right.)

Zinnia flowers for weddings

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