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16 Winter Wedding Flowers (& Embellishments!) That Wow

Winter is a beautiful time to get married at Ainsworth House & Gardens! To help you plan for your winter wedding, here are our 16 favorite winter wedding flowers which are in season, are sustainable, and more respectcul of your budget!

The Ainsworth House & Gardens in Wintertime snow

Hey, Christie!

Alex and I are planning our winter wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens! Since we want to have a sustainable wedding, we are looking for flowers that are in season and as locally grown as possible. Do you have any suggestions for flowers and elements we can add to our floral arrangements?

Thanks! –Sadie in Salem, Oregon

Hey, Sadie!

We are so happy to host you and Alex!

Winter is a beautiful season to plan your wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens! The world moves a little slower in winter.

  1. Calla Lilies: From late winter to early spring, calla lilies are at their peak season!

This elegant flower with a long, gracefully arching green stem is often carried in a long bouquet

Calla lilies come in a variety of colors as well as two tones; they are used as a primary flower or as an accent flower in winter wedding bouquets.

  1. Tulips: With their varieties of shapes, colors, and ruffles, tulips are an amazing addition to your winter wedding flowers.
  2. 3. Garden Roses: Need a replacement for spring-summer peonies? Consider garden roses which are the same size and are as full, soft, and ruffled as peonies.

Calla lilies

4. Garden Roses: Need a replacement for spring-summer peonies? Consider garden roses which are the same size and are as full, soft, and ruffled as peonies.

5. Ranunculus: These fragrant, round, tightly packed with petals flowers range from white to pastels to the deepest burgundy and richest purple. (Those are ranunculas in the image on the left.)

 6. Anemones: At their peak from October to May, anemones range from snow white to holiday red and vibrant purple.

These additions could help you personalize your wedding floral arrangements:

7. Berries: Berries add a pop of color, new textures and shapes to your arrangements. Consider adding:

  • Holly berries
  • Pepper berries
  • Juniper berries
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries.

8.Painted Leaves: Add a shimmer of gold or silver to contemporary weddings and lend a rustic nuance to country, garden, barn, or farm weddings.

9. Cotton: Cotton duplicates the round elements in your bouquet such as ranunculus and berries but gives a softer shape. For the guys, cotton makes an awesome boutonniere option.


10. Pine branches are traditional holiday greenery.

11. Mistletoe

12. Forest green holly with shiny, red berries

13. Dusty Miller

14. Seeded Eucalyptus

15. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus (a lsilvery-green color)

16. Hypericum.

Embellishments: A string of pearls woven into your bouquet or Swarovski crystals each on its own stem!

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne

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