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bride tosses her bouquet to single women

New Twist on Old Traditions: Tossing the Bouquet & Garter

As our culture changes, so too do wedding traditions. One of those wedding traditions which is being updated is the bride tossing her bouquet to all the single women and the groom tossing the garter to the men not married. Read on to find out what is changing! Hey, Christie! Josh and I are getting

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bride wears a white wedding suit and her groom in front of a church

2024 Wedding Trend: Suits for the Bride!

On trend for 2024 weddings are suits for the women–the bride, bridesmaids/attendants, mothers of the brides, and mothers of the grooms. Learn more about these styling trends by reading this post! Hey, Christie! Alex and I are getting married in 2024 at Ainsworth House & Gardens. We are so excited!!! Question: I am an environmental

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"The Great British Baking Show" The Krokan

“The Food of Love:” Nordic Wedding Cakes

In the Nordic nations of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, there is a traditional wedding cake which looks like no other in the world: the Krokan! Read on to learn more about this Viking-inspired wedding cake! Hey, Christie! Erik and I are getting married next year and are still looking for a location. We would love

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Mexican Wedding Cookies seared with a cup of tea

“The Food of Love:” Mexican Wedding Cookies

Looking for world cuisine to serve at your reception? Consider Mexican Wedding Cookies! Also called “Mexican Wedding Cakes,” these spice-infused, nut filled cookies are the star of every wedding celebration! Read on to find out how they originated! Hey, Christie! Tyler and I are so excited to be getting married next year at Ainsworth House

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Paige attends PHP party

How One Bride Gave Joy to So Many after a Personal Tragedy

When she could not go through with her wedding, one bride gave her $15,000 reception with DJ, photo booth, fireworks, elegantly catered dinner and dessert to a non-profit so that they could host a party for the families they support! Read on to learn more! Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez, left, poses with Paige

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Ainsworth House & Gardens reception

2024’s Top 12 Wedding Food Trends

As you plan your wedding in 2024, you might want to be aware of these trends in wedding catering. Read on to find out what is trending for 2024 wedding food! Hey, Christie! Dylan and I are getting married in 2024 at your fabulous wedding venue! We are so excited!!! OK, I am confused with

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Final Fantasy VII Love's Chapel engagement ring

Super Cool Engagement Rings for Geeks and Nerds

LOTR engagement rings? Yep! Gamer engagement rings? We’ve got them! Sci-fi engagement rings? Yes! Read on to find out more about engagement rings designed for those for those immersed in those interests! Hey, Christie! I need your help! I love Leonard and I think he might propose! Is there any way to nudge him toward

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