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sweet pea flowers

Your Spring Birth Month Flowers & Your Wedding!

One way to select your wedding flowers is to consider the birth month flowers for you and your partner! Read on to find out the six fabulous birth month flowers for Spring! Hey, John! Casey and I are getting married next May at Ainsworth House & Gardens. Right now, we are working on flowers. We’ve

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carnations in 3 colors--lavender, white, and red

Your Winter Birth Month Flowers & Your Wedding!

Winter–January, February, and March–have the most gorgeous birth month flowers of the year! Find out what these beautiful flowers are and how you can include them in your wedding any time of year! Hey, Christie! Craig and I are getting married at Ainsworth House & Gardens. Yeah!!!! And then this came up: My sister mentioned

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orange marigolds

Your Autumn Birth Month Flowers & Your Wedding!

Did you know that in addition to your birthstone you have 1 or 2 birth month flowers? Each flower has a meaning! For that reason, you might want to include your birth month flowers in your wedding. Read on to find out more! Hey, John! Barbara and I are renewing our vows next Christmas at

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Agapanthus, or Lily of the Nile or Blue African Lily

The 8 Most Gorgeous Flowers for Your September Wedding!

September is a wonderful month to get married at Ainsworth House & Gardens in Oregon City, Oregon! The days are still crisp and clear while being cooler than the warmth of summer. To help you plan, here is a list of 8 beautiful, in-season flowers for your September wedding! Hey, Christie! Tyler and I are

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French castle

Wait! Do I NEED a Dowry?

The custom of a dowry is older than the Ancient Roman Empire. Read on to find out if it’s still practiced in United States today. Hey, Christie!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what to do. Please help me! I am engaged to Hudson, a wonderful guy. He earned his bachelor’s in European history and loves sharing his

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female singer in profile

Our Favorite Wedding Songs

Like almost everything in life, what is “on trend” can change at any time. Here is a list of music for weddings that is on trend in 2023. Read on & learn more! Hey, John! Laurie and I are working on our wedding playlist. Could you help us out by finding the favorite wedding music

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laptop, phone, and white coffee cup

7 Sweet Tips for Your Tech-Savvy, Wedding

Hosting a tech Saavy wedding is not only on trend, it makes your wedding more sustainable! Read on to find out more! Hey, John! My fiancée, Liz, and I are both software engineers. Since we are comfortable with technology and starting to plan our fall 2024 wedding, are there ways we can use technology to

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wedding chairs

2024 Wedding Trend: the Seated Bridal Party!

Let your bridal party escort you to the ceremony space & then let them sit down–it’s a 2024 wedding trend! Why? Certain wedding services are long, lasting 45 minutes up to an hour. Letting the bridal party sit is a kindness. A seated bridal party allows you to be inclusive. Read on to find out

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Scotsman in kilt with bagpipes

2024 Wedding Trend: Patterns!

While a few, subtle patterns have been added to edges of wedding invitations in the last few years, 2024 will be different! Bold patterns such as tartans and paisley prints will the guests of honor as bows on wedding dresses, ribbons on bouquets, and countless table linens. Read on to find out more! Hey, John!

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lemons and lemonade

Learn to Make Wedding Lemonade

With so many elements to plan for a wedding, there is almost always something that doesn’t go as perfectly as it was planned. Learning how to “adapt and overcome” any chellenge is a key to making a marriage successful in the long term. Read on to find out how one engaged couple made lemonade from

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Han Solo and Princess Leia from

Funny Wedding Vows for Sci-Fi Fans!

One way to have a unique wedding is to write your own vows. Let us help you with these humorous one liners you can add to your vows! Hey, John! I love Star Wars, Star Trek, science fiction, and fantasy! Are there any funny, one liners I could add to my wedding vows that reference sci

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