The Joys of a Micro Wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens!

A couple is surrounded by their friends on Ainsworth's front lawn.

Over the past several years, the trend is for smaller, more intimate weddings. A micro wedding is the term for a wedding involving a maximum of 50 people. At Ainsworth, we have indoor and outdoor venues to celebrate your beautiful micro-wedding! Hey, Christie! Brandon and I are getting married this winter at Ainsworth House & … Read more

A BRIDGERTON-Themed Wedding for You? Why Not!

On two recent weekends, Ainsworth House & Gardens hosted weddings with a BRIDGERTON theme. Find out about fun themes for your wedding! Hey, Christie! Alex and I are planning our winter wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens. We were thinking about a Jane Austen or Bridgerton theme. Could you suggest some wedding themes we could … Read more