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"Hello April" spelled with scrabble blocks

April Birthstone & Flowers for Your Wedding

Did you know that those born in April are graced with one birthstone and two birth flowers? You might want to incorporate these into your wedding if you have a birthday in April or wish to honor a cherished family member or friend who does! Read on to find out more! Hey, John! I need

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frustrated woman

RSVP-ageddon: Getting Your Guests to Respond!

It’s become a universal problem that guests aren’t sending their RSVPs! In this blog post, we present a way to increase your chances of getting a response AND what you can do if they don’t respond to tell you if they are coming to your wedding…or not. Hey, Christie! Help! My wedding is coming up

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girl sitting on a bench alone and sad

Left out of the Wedding? Here is How to Heal Hurt Feelings

As the trend toward smaller weddings continues, engaged couples need to get creative on how they create special roles in their weddings for cherished family and friends. Here are our suggestions! Hey, Christie! Help! Family drama overload! My fiancé, Charlie, and I are both in our early 30’s and so excited to be getting married

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bride tosses her bouquet to single women at Oregon City Wedding Venue

12 Costly Things You Can Skip at Your Reception

Budgeting is the art of give and take. If you know which reception traditions you want to skip, you can dedicate the money you budgeted for another day of honeymooning or any other expenditure. Let us show you what elite wedding planners are suggesting you can skip at your reception…and it’s possible that none of

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Newlyweds sitting on bench together at the Ainsworth House in Oregon City

18 Amazing Wedding Trends for 2024!

Keeping up on the latest wedding trends is almost a full-time job! Let Ainsworth House & Gardens’ John Shyne and the experienced staff help you decide which trends will help you have the wedding of your dreams! Hey, John! I have been helping my partner, Sarah, plan our wedding. We are so excited about our

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photographer at a wedding

Do I Need a Wedding Content Creator?

Hiring a wedding content creator for your wedding to take candid static photos and vertical videos is a wedding trend which is gaining momentum this year. Find out what a wedding content creator can do for you! Hey, Christie! I just attended Elissa and Tyler’s wedding and they had this wedding content creator running around

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aquamarine stones on a wedding necklace

March: Birthstones & Birth Flowers for Your Wedding

Named for Mars, the Roman god of war, the month of March can march across our landscape with a mighty blizzard or burst forth with abundant, spring sun! If you or your beloved was born in March, here is what you need to know about including March birthstones and/or birth flowers in your wedding! Hey,

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The Gravity of the Situation

Many weddings have events which cause the participants to giggle for years to come. Here’s one event that will! In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton described the law of gravity as a force that would drag objects toward the ground. A father of the bride in New Jersey proved that gravity is not a theory—it’s real.

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Loki the cat photobombs a marriage proposal Fox News

The Purr-fect Proposal Photobomb

Very famous people have photobombed others. Queen Elizabeth II of England photobombed two of her fellow citizens years ago. Why not a cat photobomber? Why not two cats photobombing two different couples during a marriage proposal? Read on to find out more! Hey, Christie! Has a cat ever photobombed a marriage proposal?Has it happened more

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wedding bride, groom, and guests jump for joy with a cat in the foreground

2024 Wedding Trends: Focus on Your Guests!

In the past, wedding guests observed the wedding but didn’t participate other than selecting fish or beef for their dinner. Now the trend is to find creative ways for your guests to have fun participating in your wedding. Read on to find out the great options for you when planning experiences for your guests! Hey,

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Bowl of soup with the letters spelling :"Love" on the spoon

“The Food of Love:” Italian Wedding Soup

Do you know how Italian Wedding Soup began? Read on to find out about this delicious and fascinating soup! Hey, John! Help! Maria and I want to bring our Italian heritage into our wedding. When I told Grandfather Renato that we are serving Italian Wedding Soup, he became very gruff and said it was not

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By the water, he proposes to her on bended knee.

How To Overcome a Proposal Which Epically Failed…Twice!

The time of year during which the most marriage proposals are made is Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day…or in the case of 2024, through Leap Day, February 29, when women propose to men. The following blog post is about one man’s persistence in proposing…and the outcome of his efforts! Hey, John! HELP! I have tried to

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Dog Gone Cute! The Dog Adopted at a Wedding!

Yesterday, we posted about a stray kitten who crashed a wedding and was adopted by the newlyweds. Today, to show balanced reporting, we are posting about a stray dog who attended a wedding…there’s a happy ending! Read on to find out what! Hey, John! I heard that a couple from Brazil met a stray dog

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Ainsworth House & Gardens Wins Prestigious National Award!

Each year, The Knot, a premier digital wedding planning website, evaluates thousands of submitted reviews by couples who recently married. Because Ainsworth House & Gardens garnered stellar scores, we were selected for an award given to ONLY 5% of the wedding venues in the US! Read on to find out more! Out of 31,462 wedding

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A woman proposes marriage to a man.

Can She Propose to Him? Yes!

For over 1,800 years, women have been allowed to propose marriage to men. Let’s take a look at how this Irish tradition evolved to become part of the Scottish legal codes! Hey, Christie! Could you help by answering a question: Can I propose marriage to my boyfriend? Here’s the situation: Terrance and I have been

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floral dress from Hobbs

2024 Wedding Trends: Mother of the Bride Floral Dresses!

In fashion, it seems that ideas from the past are often updated and reintroduced. One of the wedding trends for 2024 is floral print dresses for the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and the attendants or bridesmaids. Read on to learn more about this trend that is blooming! Hey, Christie! Recently, I

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bride tosses her bouquet to single women at Oregon City Wedding Venue

New Twist on Old Traditions: Tossing the Bouquet & Garter

As our culture changes, so too do wedding traditions. One of those wedding traditions which is being updated is the bride tossing her bouquet to all the single women and the groom tossing the garter to the men not married. Read on to find out what is changing! Hey, Christie! Josh and I are getting

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bride wears a white wedding suit and her groom in front of a church

2024 Wedding Trend: Suits for the Bride!

On trend for 2024 weddings are suits for the women–the bride, bridesmaids/attendants, mothers of the brides, and mothers of the grooms. Learn more about these styling trends by reading this post! Hey, Christie! Alex and I are getting married in 2024 at Ainsworth House & Gardens. We are so excited!!! Question: I am an environmental

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