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Hilarious Epic Married Name Fails

shocked cat

Sometimes, real life is funnier than any situation comedy. Epic married name fails are a case in point! Read on to find out how getting married can have humorous side effects. (Besides, this is break from all the serious wedding planning you’re doing. Right? Right!) When two people with very interesting last names get married, … Read more

Your Summer Birth Month Flowers & Your Wedding!

California Poppy

Each month of summer has two birth month flowers. Read on to find out how you can include these flowers in your wedding! (P.S.–If a cherished family member or friend passed on, you could honor them by including their birth month flower in your bouquets!)   Hey, Christie! Andrew and I are getting married next … Read more

Your Winter Birth Month Flowers & Your Wedding!

wedding carnations in 3 colors, lavender, white, and red

Winter–January, February, and March–have the most gorgeous birth month flowers of the year! Find out what these beautiful flowers are and how you can include them in your wedding any time of year! Hey, Christie! Craig and I are getting married at Ainsworth House & Gardens. Yeah!!!! And then this came up: My sister mentioned … Read more

Learn to Make Wedding Lemonade

lemons and lemonade

With so many elements to plan for a wedding, there is almost always something that doesn’t go as perfectly as it was planned. Learning how to “adapt and overcome” any chellenge is a key to making a marriage successful in the long term. Read on to find out how one engaged couple made lemonade from … Read more

Funny Wedding Vows for Sci-Fi Fans!

Han Solo and Princess Leia from

One way to have a unique wedding is to write your own vows. Let us help you with these humorous one liners you can add to your vows! Hey, John! I love Star Wars, Star Trek, science fiction, and fantasy! Are there any funny, one liners I could add to my wedding vows that reference sci … Read more

Sweet & Funny Wedding Vows from the Bride

bride and groom laughing

Are you a bride-to-be looking for a line to add levity to your wedding vows? Then look no further than this list of funny one-liners which incorporate humorous takes on music, being a couple, science fiction, fantasy, sports, and more! Hey, Christie! I am so looking forward to our upcoming destination wedding at Ainsworth House … Read more