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A BRIDGERTON-Themed Wedding for You? Why Not!

On two recent weekends, Ainsworth House & Gardens hosted weddings with a BRIDGERTON theme. Find out about fun themes for your wedding! Hey, Christie! Alex and I are planning our winter wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens. We were thinking about a Jane Austen or Bridgerton theme. Could you suggest some wedding themes we could

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Yoda from

Geeks & Gamers Wedding Themes!

Sports, music, sci-fi, fantasy fans, and gamers, here are the best wedding themes for you and your partner! Read on to learn more about these insanely fun wedding themes! Hey, John! Amanda and I are getting married at Ainsworth House & Gardens. Instead of the same old bride in white and me in formal wear,

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bride and groom at sunset

Who Pays for Which Expenses at a Wedding?

Traditionally, the bride’s family paid for the majority of the expenses whilethe groom’s family paid for the before and after expenses of the rehersal dinner and the honeymoon. While some families still follow this, there are many who have innovated new ways to divide up the expenses between the families and the engaged couple. Read

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WEdding in The Grove

The Joys of a Minimony

A “minimony” is a wedding for 10 people or fewer. Coined by the website, The Knot, the term describes small, intimate weddings. Read on to find out how you can have a fabulous minimony at Ainsworth House & Gardens, a premier, sustainable wedding venue in Oregon! Hey, Christie! Help! Justin and I are getting married

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comic book pages turned into wedding bouquet

Boutonniere Made with Comic Book Pages? YES!

If you are a fan of comic books, you can make all your wedding flowers out of the colorful pages of comic books! You can create bridal bouquets and the groom’s boutonnieres which celebrate your favorite superheroes. Read on to find out more! Hey, John! For 2024, Emma and I are planning a superhero themed

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Crown Prince Hussein and his bride Princess Rajwa

The Sweet, Secret Message on Her Royal Tiara

When Ms. Rajwa Al-Saif, a Saudi Arabian architect, married Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan on June 1, 2023, her tiara had a beautiful message inscribed on the side. Read on to learn more about this secret, sweet message! When we think of a diamond wedding tiara, we may think of its glittering beauty but we

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food buffet

Sustainable Weddings: Where to Donate Your Wedding Food

One way your wedding can be eco-friendly and sustainable is to donate any unused food to a local, worthy cause. Read on to find out more about this important trend! Hey, Christie! I know we will order more food than we think our wedding guests can consume. We don’t want to run out! 🙂 We

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diamond and emerald ring

The Beauty of an Emerald Engagement Ring

An emerald engagement ring is a rarity which is why it’s so special. Throughout history, there have been fabulous engagement rings which you might want to learn about here! Hey, John! When my girlfriend, Emily, and I walked by a jewelry store, she stopped to look at emerald engagement rings. Yes, I know. Hint. HINT!

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